Food Photography Services


We don’t simply create images of your food. We will work with your cook, stylist and the rest of your team to make your food photos speak and tell their stories.

Our food photography services are tailor-made to show your food that is reflective to who you are as person, business, and brand. Before we can give you a cost, we sit down with you for a free consultation to go over your needs in fine detail. When the initial consultation is over, we will send you a quote with different options to suit your unique needs.

Chicken Korma
Twist of Pasta


If you don’t have a food stylist, we can provide this additional service. We know food, how it behaves, and how it needs to be plated to look delish.

Food images that make you hungry don’t happen by accident. You need someone who not only knows food, but knows how it will look in-camera based on environment, props, and lighting. If you do not have your own food stylist — sometimes that will be your chef — we can style the food so it looks scrumptious in photos at an additional cost.


As an additional service, we can provide the backdrops, cutlery, dishes, linens, surfaces, and more. We will make sure everything compliments the food and not distract from it.

Secondary props will make or break a food photo. And it’s not just about the perfect photography surface or plate. It’s also about how those pieces are placed within the frame to create movement and lead the eye to the hero of the shot: the food item being photographed.

tea and dessert prop styling
Pear and Salmon salad


You don’t need to live on Vancouver Island for us to shoot for you. We can shoot remotely. We can also shoot with you in our studio, or at your location as an additional service.

Via the power of technology and a video camera that follows us as we shoot, you can watch the entire process and pick your images as they are shot from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to come into the studio. We can also bring our equipment, including props is required, to your location and shoot there for a fee. Or, you can join us in-studio. Proper health and safety precautions are strictly followed and enforced.


Ingredient selection is important for the best photos. We can shop the best as an add-on. We also can also cook as an additional service which is perfect for remote shoots.

When shopping, we always buy locally sourced ingredients when possible. Our studio is located in an area rich in food and drink producers. From cured meats and cheeses, to craft beer and wineries aplenty, eggs and dairy, freshly farmed fruits and vegetables. All made locally.

Fall Harvest - Polaris Creative Food Photography Services
Polaris Creative brand guide cover


Let us put our years of marketing experience to work for you. If you sell food — restaurants, bars, farmers markets — we can also create and print your branded print collateral to make sure you have one cohesive look. We also sell canvass prints.

Cookbook authors and publishers: We look forward to collaborating with your creative department or we can also take on creating a branding guide to ensure your cookbook is cohesive and reflects the person behind the food.

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