Aside from client work, we also have a couple personal projects that help us to continually develop our skills and continue our education.

Disabled Kitchen and Garden
Project; Disabled Kitchen and Garden

This project is how Jules Sherred’s career in food photography started.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with reviews that never mentioned benefits for the disabled, and reading countless kitchen and garden tips for the disabled written by the abled that were never useful, Disabled Kitchen and Garden was born.

Disabled Kitchen and Garden mainly focuses on the benefits and joys of the Instant Pot and AeroGardens, as well as tips and tricks to make cooking and gardening easier for a variety of disabilities.

Disability and Food - An Interactive Art Exhibit

Cowichan Valley Disability, Culture and Food Stories Through Photos and Video: Coming Soon

A photo and video essay highlighting the barriers disabled Canadians face when accessing food. It will highlight the diverse cultures in the Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, and tell their diverse food stories and how disability impacts those stories. It will tell the stories of local food producers, the barriers they face getting their produce to market, how those barriers disproportionally affect disabled people, and what would happen if one of the owners were to become permanently disabled.

It will be telling the stories of a minimum 8 disabled people through photography and video. Also, it be telling the food stories of 8 diverse cultures within the Cowichan Valley and 8 local food producers. There will be a minimum of 24 stories.